Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well crap.

So my sister Liz has cancer. Crap. Liz is pretty much completely devoted to helping other people, serving other peoople, making other people happy. So this is really pretty freakin' stupid and unfair if you ask me. Ohhh I HATE this!!!!

So when I asked how I could help, she said I'm her prayer-warrior and asked me to get busy. If there's anyone out there, will you pray too? I'll write about more specifics when I can, but for now, general prayers for Liz, Lauren and Maddy.



Anonymous said...

hey, I was reading a comment you left on someone elses page about oatmeal cookies with melted butter and corn syrup in it....I have been searching for that recipie...if it isnt to much to ask could you send it to me??? at I woulod be thrilled.



ann said...

I so hope you get your comments emailed to you - and that this finds you in a place of peace. But you are FOUND you bloggy friend!