Sunday, August 3, 2008

Race Report - by Guest Blogger BB

Hello this is KK's daughter...BB! How funny is that? Well it's great that my mom is getting out there and starting her day without a soccer or football game. She's gets to get up for her own sake! KK finished a 4.5 mile race last Saturday and today completed a 6 mile! I'm so proud of her. She completed the 4.5 in 57 minutes and 37 seconds. As for the 10k (6 miles) she completed the race in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. This blog isn't about me for sure, but I would have ran the 10k but I had found out that I had tendonitis in my knees. Stinks I know. I'm just glad that my mom was able to finish in the time she did.

I did go to the race and cheer on my mom. I watched all the intense men and women come in and finish. The quickest time was 35 minutes. I had heard that there was a brutal hill towards the end and it was smokin' hot! I was wondering " Where is my mommy! I hope she is OK! Aw man. Is she still out there? Oh no this can't be good." And just as I was going out to look for her I saw a fast pink shorts lady sprinting to the finish line. Every one was cheering for her and excited to see her run through the finish line. When she finished, she gave me a big old hug and I was glad to see her so happy I almost cried.

KK is doing very well and always up for the challenge. Thanks for reading my mom's blog. BB

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